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The Benefits to Using Remarketing as Part of your Marketing Strategy

Facebook provides a feature that will allow you to market to people who have visited your website. It is a simple code, known as a pixel, that is added by your web developer or staff member. They will require your website log-in details, which you should always have available and secure.

Putting a pixel on your website does not in any way affect the functionality or speed of your website and will not give any third-party access to your website. It simply allows Facebook to collect the “IP Addresses” of visitors. It will not collect other information and does not give the identity of the person visiting your website. It is saved as an anonymous code. Facebook will then allow marketers to show adverts to these addresses – down to the level of the particular pages visited ie courses or programmes looked at in the case of a business school.

A business school in Houston found a new way to appeal to prospective graduate students: namely boats. It was found that a high percentage of enrolled students had interests in recreational boating and fishing. They also liked to travel, and many had children, so their schedules were packed tight.

In the business school’s next Facebook advertisement it used a picture of a woman fishing with her children, suggesting that adults could go to school and still have time for family fun. Another advert featured a woman checking flight times at an airport, referencing the global opportunities available to business students – 75% of whom indicated an interest in travel.

For wedding venues, we show adverts to people who have been recently engaged. The response has been excellent with a conversion rate high at a cost of about $1500 per month including the cost of the digital adverts.

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