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About Us

CSA Sha-Izwe has been in the marketing business since 1987.

We’re a digital marketing agency with a huge heart and a whole lot of soul. We work with start-ups and large, established brands, helping them with their strategic digital marketing needs. ​From a traditional PR company to a full-service digital agency, we assist our clients to increase their online interaction and engagement.

We offer media coverage in print, online, radio and television, as well as grow digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. For over three decades our specialists have assisted clients with their marketing from Google Ads to digital PR. Our clients regard us as one of the leading digital marketing agencies in South Africa and have had the privilege of working with large multinational companies to startups. The digital enquiries we produce using scientifically researched techniques to boosting clients’ business in some cases by over 100%. We’ve been in business since 1987 — and we’re still South African-owned. That’s something we’re very proud of.

We have been Building, Growing, Developing & Marketing Brands Since 1987

The past 30 years have seen significant changes in marketing and advertising. However, content (PR and press releases) remain crucial in today’s digital marketing environment. Digital PR is crucial to your online strategy and developing good quality backlinks.

It is now possible to reach your target audiences easier and more accurately, such as identifying recently engaged people who will be looking for a wedding venue – or people looking to do an MBA programme based on their educational qualifications and work experience.

We are not like other large agencies who chase awards and put employees on accounts with little or no experience. We use data science to craft a well thought out digital strategy to suit your brand and target market. SEO, blogging, social media, influencers, social media-friendly websites and content marketing must all work together.

It is not only about Google ads. It’s about identifying people who fit a specific profile and those who visit your website. Very important: Your website needs to be functional, SEO and mobile-friendly, and regularly updated.

We are here to help your company develop and build your online audience

Our systems and processes integrate into your website and include Facebook and LinkedIn strategies to generate targeted leads; website development and maintenance; press releases; website analytics; SEO; social media posts; and remarketing to website visitors. In 2020 we remain an international digital marketing agency with partners and teams in Johannesburg, Cape Town, United Kingdom and Australia.

Your website represents the personality of your company where you gather leads, track visitors and market your business. Numerous businesses have a static website. This is a distinct disadvantage and is penalised by Google.

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Our Services

Social Media

Digital media and management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn posts and advertising. This includes Lead Ads.

Public Relations

Effective results-driven media releases for print, radio, digital, online and TV. Our excellent relationship with journalists sets us a part from our competitors.

LinkedIn Advertising

Lead generation and targeting a high-level audience. LinkedIn can assist companies in talking directly with prospects based on job title.

Press Briefings

Press briefings targeting the financial, educational, industrial, retail and consumer media, amongst others.

Facebook Advertising

Digital ads management of Facebook, click funnels and audience research and using remarketing to gain the best return on investment. We use Lead Ads to generate business.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting and JSE listings. We also have experience with SENS announcements and communicating to shareholders.


Website audits, SEO and web ranking optimisation. We use all our tools from quality link building to creating good content for your website for Google SEO improvements.

PPC Advertising

We use effective digital advertising campaigns to gain a positive ROI for clients. From Waze advertising to Google Places and YouTube adverts.

Online Reputation Management

Tracking competitors’ online activity, comments and interactions, and responding professionally to queries and complaints.

Content Marketing

30 years experience in creating content, to complement brand messaging across digital platforms.

WordPress Optimisation

WordPress websites, optimisation in line with the latest search engine requirements.


Integrating digital marketing into events. We use PR, Facebook advertising and Lead Ads to drive bookings for events.

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