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We are a social media marketing agency committed to generating leads and business for your company

We employ a unique B2C and B2B social media strategy that will work for all industries.

Social media is much more than likes but rather engagement and conversions! We believe every company can derive benefit from social media to more easily reach their audience. Without a digital strategy, your business is at risk of losing its footprint to competitors. Digital marketing is now an essential tool to communicate to customers and prospects. Building an online audience is an essential part of your marketing strategy in this day and age. Without one, your business is on the decline. Just look at traditional advertising agencies as an example. They are struggling because many missed the move to digital marketing. We have a unique approach to each client strategy.

Firstly we research what the audience will find engaging content, all of our approved content will then go into a schedule. We research the best times to post content and which day is best for certain content, we try make sure the content is relevant to the audience, that is the best way to beat the infamous Facebook Algorithm. It is important to quickly engage with the community should they need any assistance. Our team is trained and has extensive research in dealing with angry customers. It is our goal to turn them around into a loyal customer again.

CSA also has experience with successful influencer campaigns and has a database of influencers in South Africa which we can recommend to our clients.

Social Media Advertising allows us to truly measure return on investment and target a highly defined audience. We research new methods and test every day to ensure we get the most out of the budget.   

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Social Media Marketing

From creative strategy and implementation to daily management, our experienced team will handle your company’s digital presence professionally. We have the experience to put together a realistic strategy that will work within your marketing budget to engage with your customers and prospects. We use our strong content marketing and technical skills to formalise a powerful strategy.
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Social Reputation Management

We offer industry-leading tools and software to track and manage online comments about your company 24×7 around the globe. This data is used to refine your sales strategy, as well as monitor customer¬†relations and competitors who may be using forms to disrepute your brand. We have relations with the DMCA in the USA and can assist with copyright infringements.
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We see our company as a digital call centre, responding on clients’ behalf to questions and requests which come through social media platforms. We assist our clients’ customers with pricing queries, where to buy the product and monitor complaints that are directed to our clients. We also write social media policies to ensure that complaints and any possible crisis is handled professionally.
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Social Media Advertising

From targeted Facebook Ads to remarketing and Google Ads, we have years of experience and numerous success stories of how we have helped clients grow their business. We use new, ethical and non-obtrusive methods to target prospects. Notably, techniques such as these are not being used as effectively by other agencies.

About our social media marketing management services

We provide a range of digital media services covering Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, content creation and community management.¬†We use content marketing to complement traditional PR services and media relations, using social media online marketing tools. Our social media clients include large retail customers and automotive brands, as well as IT and financial services companies. CSA’s focus is to create and develop digital campaigns that generate leads, enhance brand awareness and provide measurable ROI.

Today, we are concerned about the number of gurus who seem to think that they are the answer to every marketing challenge. These people appear to know very little about the topic, charge exorbitant fees and produce mediocre results. These are giving the industry a bad name. It is proven that an effective marketing campaign requires a mix of traditional and digital media activities, as well as experience, the ability to provide prove you have successful case studies, keeping up to date with the daily changes in the digital industry and total commitment to ensuring that the project works.

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