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Public Relations Services

We are an established PR company based in Johannesburg.


We are an established PR company passionate about building brands in the media

An agency with good relationships with the media. We create and distribute quality handcrafted press releases aligning to your corporate messaging

Public Relations Services

Public Relations is among the most effective ways to build on marketing strategies and create an online reputation. Businesses and people who have invested time and money into good PR strategies can see large returns and better ROI. It is all about sending the right message to the right people at the right place. A PR agency strengthens your brand image and increases profitability, and helps you overcome any challenge that might be threatening your success.

CSA Sha-Izwe is not a traditional Public Relations agency. We are a team of professionals who understands proactive and reactive PR and can produce results that drive positive outcomes for your business. Our core services focus on Public Relations – right from strategy to exposure, our experienced and trustworthy team is here to help you achieve your unique goals. We are adept at integrating PR fundamentals throughout your brand strategies, content and digital marketing.

Why PR and Digital Marketing Work Hand in Hand?

PR was enough alone to bring results back in the day, and most businesses only needed print and media coverage to bring in results. But, today, businesses and even public figures cannot get by without having an online presence. If you are unable to reach their audience online, you’ll be left behind your competitors. Thus, it pays to bring PR and digital marketing services together as they cannot function without each other.

As an online PR company with expertise in Digital Marketing, we have achieved wins for a number of businesses in South Africa and globally. We have worked with professional services firms, software firms, online stores, and more to earn the reputation they deserve, attract new customers and grow their profits.

Our PR Services

We are a multidisciplinary PR agency that can meet all your communications requirements. Our PR services include –
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Media Interviews

Our team can help you drive conversations around your brand, not just by promoting your brand but by inserting you into conversations irrespective of the niche. We specialize in pro-active pitching and media relations that will help you cut through the noise and get you noticed in today’s evolving media landscape.

Press Conferences

To get maximum media attention, press conferences are still an essential PR tool. Our team has an extensive network of media relations and know what is relevant to different editorial offices. We will work with you proactively, consider the right angle that is in line with your vision to improve your chances of success.

Product Launch Strategy

When you have a great product or service to offer to the world, we craft unique experiences to help you capitalize on the opportunity. We help you amplify your message and achieve specific business outcomes. Not only are our product launches engaging, but they are also designed to have maximum impact across paid, owned, earned and even shared channels.

Creative Services

We understand quality content is critical. We help you with press release creation and case study production to send across the right message for your brand. Our content team can create excellent stories around your brand and even help you find the right angle depending on your goals and your audience in mind.

Elevate Your Brand’s Presence with CSA

Break through the plateau with our PR solutions that will help eliminate the toughest challenges for your brand. With our single team of PR and digital marketing specialists in Johannesburg, you can make a meaningful impact on your brand. We create a roadmap for quick wins that can be implemented immediately and also high-level plans for the long run.

As a traditional PR company, CharlesSmithAssociates/Sha-Izwe was established in 1987 and is a long-established agency with expertise in public relations, operating in South Africa, with a global reach and footprint.

As a PR agency with digital marketing expertise, our core focus on is on PR and media relations which stems into digital marketing, website development, and social media. Our core business covers writing press releases, print and online media coverage, social media, product launches, events, financial reporting, press release placement, identifying and liaising with brand ambassadors, investor relations, corporate and internal communications, lead generation, crisis control, CSI, change management and company branding.

PR and social media are often viewed as the poor cousins of marketing. Why? Because anyone can start a PR business or do posts. Talk to established journalists and they will relate at least one horrifying story of how a “PR professional” has destroyed a brand with badly-written press releases. The same goes for social media is not about just posting on a digital platform. It needs to integrate to the website i.e. drive traffic to the website which also helps with SEO.

Search Engine Optimisation and PR go hand in hand. Google loves well written engaging content which goes back to our core PR service offering.

TV Interviews

Our team understands the importance of maintaining strong relations with mainstream TV producers and journalists, crafting briefs that are carefully written to address the appropriate targeted audience.

Press Conferences

Does your company or organisation have an announcement to make to the press? We will orchestrate a press briefing to best communicate your message to the appropriate target media.

Product Launches

Utilising all available channels including online, print, radio, television and social media, we will launch your product through focused media channels and combine this with a focused digital campaign.

Content Marketing

We will create online content to complement your brand message across all digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This can be integrated to a PR media strategy focused, on obtaining significant media coverage.

About our PR Services

We also provide TV, radio and print media training. The industries we address include healthcare; environmental; automotive; mining; government; retail; music; manufacturing; and financial services.

Our aim is to provide focused, results-driven print, radio and TV media coverage. To achieve this, we work closely with customers to develop strategies tailored to meet their needs. We have long-term relationships with journalists which we believe has contributed to our successful track record.

Our staff work closely with over 150 different publications covering television, radio, print and online media. Our results are guaranteed, based on pre-determined targets such as the volume of monthly media coverage. We focus strongly on deliverables, ROI and guarantees.

The face of marketing has changed over the years with more options now available to marketers. While Radio, TV and Print remain important channels for marketing, online news services as well as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, QR Codes and LinkedIn provide additional options.

Another key services is search engine optimisation (SEO). Google’s new SEO rules disqualify many traditional SEO techniques that so-called “SEO experts” still use. We address these new rules relating to website SEO ranking, and have assisted numerous customers to “un-do” Google’s negative SEO rankings of their website.

We have a team of web developers who are fully up to date with Google’s new SEO rules. Website ratings are now being downgraded by Google as a result of these new rules. These problems can be resolved by rewriting sections of websites.

In the area of social media, we support Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, QR Codes and LinkedIn, amongst others. We create and develop social media campaigns aimed to create leads and enhance brand awareness, as well as provide training.

Our advertising services cover print, radio, TV, online and digital media. As a media relations business, we still believe strongly in the importance of both mass and targeted advertising.

Where necessary, we create and run digital adverts, competitions and promotions on social media platforms such as Facebook, and post photographs and videos on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. Give us a call today and get your brand in front of the right people!

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