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Google Ads Management

Are you paying top dollars for your paid campaigns but not getting the desired results? Google Ads is a powerful marketing tool, but it can do more harm than good when placed in inexperienced hands. To get the best results and make the most out of your budget, hiring a reputed and experience Google Ad specialists in South Africa is critical.

Sha-Izwe CSA is a full-service PR agency specializing in Google Ads management that uses advanced and sophisticated campaign models than usual PR agencies in SA. Our team has proven practices and strategies that will decrease your cost-per-click, increase click-through rates and conversions and boost the quality of your leads.

While other companies just set up your Google Ads campaign, we take the time and effort to monitor it and bring in results. Whether you are starting from scratch and need a complete setup or just looking to fine-tune your existing Google Ads campaign, specialists at Sha-Izwe CSA can help you with every aspect of Google Ads campaign management.

How can Google Ads help my business?

Google Ads, previously known as Google Adwords, is a pay-per-click marketing service offered by Google. With Google Ads, you pay to have an ad for your brand displayed to customers searching for relevant terms on platforms such as Google search results, Gmail, YouTube and other partners in the Google Ads program. Online businesses use Google Ads to advertise their product and services in front of their target audience. You pay only for measurable results like the number of clicks or business calls. You have the liberty to set a campaign budget that Google will automatically carry out and choose from the global or local audience.

Why Should You Be Using Google Ads?

Google Ads is among the most sophisticated platform for paid search and outperforms some of its top competitors, such as Bing Ads. You can choose a daily budget for each of your campaigns and even pick bids for each ad group and the chosen keyword. Several campaign features such as ads scheduling, location settings, and mobile device settings help you customize your campaign. When you use Google Ads, you enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increase leads and customers
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Get a high return on investment
  • Quick and transparent results
  • Taps into high-quality traffic sources
  • Find out more about your market

If you’re ready to enjoy all the benefits of Google Ads, get in touch with us. When your Google Ads campaign in South Africa is in the right hands of google ads specialists, it can be a great addition to your marketing efforts. Our experts know how to drive results for every kind of ad campaign, and you can start seeing results almost immediately.

Our Google Ads Management Services

Over the years, with our Google Ads knowledge and experience, Sha-Izwe CSA has helped thousands of businesses grow and exceed their goals. Our Google Ads specialists have the skills, expertise and experience to get your business consistent and measurable results you are looking for. We work with businesses of all sizes – from startups to Fortune companies and offer the following services –

  • Google Ads Campaign Auditing

If your existing Google Ads campaign is not converting, we will perform a deep analysis of your campaign’s performance. We will look into making improvements to give your Google Ads campaign the much-needed boost.

  • Campaign Setup

Our experts take on the complete setup of a wide range of Google Ads campaigns without you having to lift a finger. We set up a variety of successful campaigns, including display ads, search ads, product listing ads, remarketing ads and even YouTube ads.

  • Campaign Management

Whether your existing Google Ads campaigns need changes or your business needs a new set of Google ads campaigns, we can manage your campaign and ensure maximum profitability.

  • Conversion Tracking

Without conversion tracking, it is like bidding in the dark. We use advanced software to find out how your Google Ads campaign is performing and then make relevant changes for better results.

  • Ad Copy Creation

Our copywriters write super effective ad copy for your brand that encourages your audience to click on it. We also test ad performance, add new variations to your campaign and tweak the text to help you beat the competition.

  • Landing Page Development

For ad campaigns to be really effective, it needs to be accompanied by a strong and compelling landing page. Our copywriters write strong landing pages that will perfectly capture your brand and help sell your products and services.

We are Google ads specialists and have been running Google Ads for many years now back when they were referred to as Google AdWords. Google Ads and PPC Marketing have quickly become one of the most effective means of generating traffic, leads and sales in any industry. Our team are registered Google Partners and qualified to run the campaigns. We will also provide you with recommendations and activity reports throughout the campaign, allowing you to better strategies and improve ROI.

Professional AdWords Service

Nobody picks up the yellow pages to look for a company anymore or goes to their local Checkers to look at the notice board for plumbers in their area. Your customers are using Google to find a business or service which makes it essential to rank high on Google. Getting to the top of Google organically takes its time, in the meantime, we recommend our Google Ads service. This service aims to get your company the best results from a structured, well thought out campaign. Every day we see experts that call themselves ‘Google Ads experts’ but make critical mistakes which would prove that they are not qualified for the task.

Our company prides itself with 34 years of client service in marketing. We pride ourselves in clear and honest communication with our clients. Over the years we have seen our competitors come and go but we have stood the test of time in this industry and are capable of handling large and small campaigns. As entrepreneurs, we understand the support businesses need.

Get Your Free Google Ads Campaign Estimate

Every Google Ads campaign is different since they have different goals. Speak to our Google Ads specialists, and we will put together a plan for success. 


Google Ads that work

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Google Ads Specialists

Our team are qualified to run Google Ad campaigns, from Search, to Display to Shopping Card campaigns. We report, optimise and try get the best quality score for your ad.
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Google provides us a lot of technical data that gives us the ability to optimise our campaigns month by month. We are passionate about data and how we can leverage off it.
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Conversion Optimisation

We provide consulting on conversion rate optimisation to help your ads perform the best. We use data to make the necessary a/b tests.
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Month to Month

We don’t tie our clients into any long term contracts and go month to month with our campaigns. Although we recommend doing minimum six month campaigns. 

Some companies we are privileged to be working with:

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