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Frequently Asked Questions

We prefer not to tie the client into a long-term contract, we usually work on a 30-day notice or even 24 hours if the client is not satisfied. This ensures that we deliver on an ongoing basis.”

We do work on a Project by Project basis, but generally we prefer to work on an ongoing basis which without doubt produces the best long-term results.

We prefer to work on a fixed retainer for the reason that we don’t want our clients to receive numerous and unexpected bills during the month. This can cause clients to hesitate to contact us to avoid incurring additional costs. Customers win because there are no hidden costs or surprise fees added to our monthly retainer. Never in our over-30 year history has a client complained about our fees being too high.

Occasionally, it depends on the agency and the project. But we retain primary responsibility to the client. At least two account managers are always assigned to an account, and there are always at least three contact people responsible for your account. Our newest staff member has been with the company for 13 years. The average period that we have held our current client base is 8 years. The longest standing client we have held is 25 years, Casio.

We are a boutique agency, meaning that we pick and choose who we wish to work with. If we can’t guarantee time to meet our client’s needs we won’t accept the business. See above: “Do we work under any other agency?”

Yes, we provide training for your in-house staff. Our goal is always to upskill and not to replace your staff but to work with and complement your existing staff’s activities.

A PR agency helps communicate positive messages about their clients in the press and digital media. This involves writing a press release about a specific topic, such as a new product or news story, issue it to the Press and use that content for the client’s website and social media.

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