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Shopping Coming to Instagram

More than 80% of smartphone users in the US browse, research or compare products via a web browser or mobile app. While browsing is easy on mobile, finding more information about a specific product isn’t always as simple.

In line with this, Instagram is testing a way for its users to learn more about the items they view within an Instagram post. Most mobile shopping experience takes people from the product directly to the check out without giving consumers the opportunity to investigate the product further. In an internal survey, Instagram says it has learned that the vast majority of purchases take a day or longer, with only 21% of purchases made within a day, meaning that buyers research a product further online before purchasing.

The Instagram test gives users valuable steps along their shopping journey before making a purchase. To test the new experience, 20 US-based retail brands including Kate Spade, JackThreads and Warby Parker will share posts that have more depth, making it easier for Instagram users to review, learn about and consider the items that interest them. Each post will have a ‘tap to view’ icon at the bottom left of a photo. When tapped, a tag will appear on various products in the post, showcasing up to five products and prices.

Once a tag is selected, a new detailed view of the product will open. This functionality will provide important product information without having to leave the Instagram app to search. Then, if the consumer taps the ‘Shop Now’ link on the product details, they will go directly to the product on the business’ website, hopefully making it easier to buy the product.