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Marketing Tips For Wedding Venues

Marketing Tips For Wedding Venues in 2022

In this article, we will be exploring a few tips for marketing your wedding venue in 2022. Wedding venues boast some of the most beautiful, well-kept venues in the world. The care and investment that goes into getting them established can be extensive and a massive investment in time too.

But without a healthy supply of enquiries, a venue can fall flat. Working with numerous wedding venues on their marketing strategies, we’ve put an article together on generating enquiries and what we’ve found works best for venues and what doesn’t.

Firstly, what sets your venue apart from other venues? Is it the custom packages you offer, the unique location or the historical aspects. Focus on those points and grow them through your marketing efforts.

Generating Leads
We use digital methods to generate enquiries that are benefiting our clients. They are carefully targeted and produce quality wedding venue leads that our clients are turning into bookings.

Social Media
Having a strong online presence is vital today, ensuring you are utilising Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter effectively. People respond to seeing other weddings and like to use them as examples. So ensure you are posting regular pictures from other weddings, congratulating the couple so it doesn’t look like a sales post. Social media is always intended to be fun, engaging and interactive. If posts only sell to people, they will disengage.

Some venues ask photographers to sign a document giving that venue the rights to use all their photography on their website and social media. This is a fantastic way to have a constant supply of quality photographs which can be used for your social media and marketing efforts. Quality photos make the world of difference to your brand and it won’t cost you anything.

By utilising a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme it will best help you to manage the leads your venue receives. It assists you to manage visits, invoices, special requests so that your clients will feel like their needs are being met and are receiving special care.

Advertising and website requests can plug into some CRM systems too. This gives you the opportunity to set up a sequence of automated emails to follow up on enquiries. For example, if a prospective bride clicks on an advert on Facebook and submits their information, she can automatically receive an email with details of packages available with a link to set up a visit to the venue. This ensures leads are followed up quickly.

Directory sites / Blogs
Online directory and blogging sites are a great way to get leads for your venue. These include such websites as TripAdvisor. If you Google ‘top wedding venues’ in your area, which are the websites that come up top? Are they mostly blogs and directory websites? These provide value, depending on what they charge of course! However, a fraction of these charges could possibly be used on social media to generate the same amount of leads!