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CSA Sha-Izwe Supports Business in South Africa

Here at CSA Sha-Izwe, we know the importance of social media marketing for your business. We have experienced media relations journalists who help businesses of all shapes and sizes. As the leading public relations (PR) firm in Johannesburg, South Africa, we’re committed to helping small businesses too.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the drivers of the Johannesburg and South African economy. We’re proud of our city’s small businesses. Unfortunately, our small businesses are hurting right now. Lockdowns and the ensuing economic calamity following the COVID 19 pandemic have affected all businesses in South Africa, small businesses most of all. 

Although small businesses are hurting, we’re here to help. We’re assisting small businesses across the country with their marketing strategies so that they can hit the ground running once lockdown eases. One way that you can assist small businesses across South Africa is to leave them a rating or review on their online platform of choice! If you are looking to support your local neighbourhood cafe, leave them a review on Google Places! Want to support your favourite restaurant? Leave them a review on Tripadvisor! If you’re trying to support your favourite B2B service provider like ourselves, leave them a review on Clutch — our preferred ratings and review platform!

Clutch and its sister site The Manifest are an Inc 5000 company based in the heart of America’s capital city, just steps away from the White House, their presidential palace. The diligent and highly-educated team at Clutch conducts reviews on B2B service providers, independently verifies them, and then curates them so that buyers know that they’re receiving the best possible services! Clutch increases client trust and is the gold standard for B2B reviews.

On Clutch, we have a stellar four-star average! Every review we’ve ever received has been four-stars, a testament to our hard work. In a recent review, Jean Michel Silva, the manager of Silva Sale, praised our team’s website and online marketing for his event management company. Although COVID 19 forced his business to suspend operations, he noted how our work had them up 30% in 2020, a solid ROI!

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“Their caring sets them apart. They take the time to immerse themselves and get to know your business from A to Z. They don’t have a blanket approach to marketing — they’re incredibly hands-on. Their level of personalisation and intensity sets them apart.” – Jean Michel Silva

We’re incredibly grateful to all of our satisfied clients. If you want to join their ranks, contact us today!