The automotive industry in South Africa is increasingly competitive— it’s best to partner with a marketing company if you want your company to stand out from the competition. Unfortunately, not all automotive marketing companies are created equal. Consequently, it’s important to choose a trusted ally with whom you feel confident. The following are some of the factors you should consider as you interview potential marketing teams.

Company’s experience in automotive

There is a dilemma choosing between a digital marketing agency specialised in the automotive industry vs a digital marketing agency with experience in various industries.

We recommend selecting the one that suits your company business needs the best. For instance, a generic digital marketing agency might focus only on website development. Furthermore, they might possess little knowledge of the automotive industry.

Automotive digital marketing agencies like CSA Sha-Izwe have an edge due to their industry knowledge. They have worked with Fuchs, AutoZone, Gabriel shocks, Warn winches, Eichlin, Willard batteries, NAACAM, and Airflow pipes to name a few. They tend to understand your business better and recommend feasible solutions.

Agency reviews

The good thing with the advancement of the internet is the concept of ratings and reviews. You should look at a company’s reviews and testimonials if you want to find out more about how they deal with their customers or how good they are. If the automotive marketing agency does a good job, its ratings will tell you.

Some people abuse this system, but personal vendettas and fake reviews are usually shut down quickly by other loyal clients who defend their favourite agency. Also, review sites like Clutch and The Manifest independently verify reviews and curate them so that buyers know they’re receiving the best services!  On The Manifest, CSA Sha-Izwe has an average review rating of 4-star.

Contact frequency

You’re handing over your company’s image to automotive digital marketing agencies when you hire them. The agency manages your company’s digital marketing strategy and your online image. Therefore, you should discuss the number of times in a month you can expect a meeting with them. Does once a week sound suitable? Do you want to meet twice a week or once a month? It all depends on the amount of investment you make in the digital marketing agency and your goals.

What channels they will use to market your company

It’s not enough to have a marketing strategy that focuses solely on Google Ads or merely on SEO.  Your company needs to have a strategy that spans the consumer journey, and that includes a multi-channel approach. While there’s no one right answer —it varies according to the objectives and needs of your company—we’ll recommend a company that focuses on Facebook Ads, Web development, and Google My Business.

CSA Sha-Izwe has long-established relationships with the press and media in South Africa. They grow your presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. For over three decades they have assisted clients with their marketing from Google Ads to digital PR.

Final thoughts on …

The competition is tough out there. To succeed in such an environment, your automotive business needs a digital marketing agency that can increase your visibility online and in the media. Need help in marketing your automobile company in South Africa? Talk to us here.