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SA Facebook Users Reach 16 million and Twitter 7.7m

In the 2017 Social Media Landscape Survey, released by Michal Wronski and Arthur Goldstuck 

  • Instagram has 3,5m users, up 31% from 2,7m users.
  • Facebook has 16m users, 6% higher in 2016 of which 12m use Facebook on mobile.
  • Twitter has grown 4% to 7.7m users.
  • YouTube has 8.5m users.
  • Snapchat grew 33% (but the number of users not given).

The adoption of social media in South Africa is growing rapidly. As internet continues to become cheaper and more accessible, so will further adoption to social media. Mobile network operators need to drop their data prices further in order to see an acceptable adoption to digital media.