Remarket to Your Website Visitors

Remarketing to Website Visitors 1

Target you website visitors

Remarketing targets people in a geographical area who have shown an interest in your website. Many companies in South Africa haven’t fully embraced the tools which social media has offer including Facebook Leads Ads.

Remarketing to Website Visitors 2

Higher Conversion Rates

Remarketing has proven to drastically increase conversions and to be an extremely effective advertising method. Did you know that while 30% of people visiting online stores put something in their cart, only 3% actually check out?

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Brand Loyalty

Remarketing presents the opportunity for brands to capture customers who are actually interested in the brand onto their Facebook page for example. We’ll help build an audience who are interested in your brand

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Cost Effective

Remarketing has often proven to be more cost effective than other forms of advertising. Remarketing delivers a high-quality score, conversion and click through rate. All these factors making the advert cheaper

“Remarketing” is a new and relatively unknown concept. It is possible to utilise the information gathered from people visiting your website to targeted Facebook advertising campaigns. With 14-million South Africans actively using Facebook, this is a captive market which, in the right hands, can lead to increased sales and interaction with clients.

Remarketing directly targets your desired clients, encouraging digital interactions with them and increases your online presence. This will have a direct impact on brand building and revenue.

You are able to communicate with the client who has already shown an interest in your business, thereby cutting unnecessary expenditure from traditional bulk advertising.

Now in our 30th year of working in PR and Marketing, we at CSA pride ourselves on innovation – our social media and marketing services are at the forefront of our field. Our clients receive personalised, cutting-edge services that enable them to increase their revenue with smarter budgets.

Remarket to Your Website Visitors

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