Facebook Live

Facebook recently launched live video and seems to be investing heavily in it rolling it across all its native platforms. A survey by the CMO council found that 70% of companies have increased their spend on video in 2016 and are expected to further increase this spend In  2017.

How To Use FaceBook Live?

Facebook Live Video allows you to stream video live on your Facebook followers and alerts you when someone you fol­low is broadcasting. Live Video could be used to communicate with customers, internal and external staff, students or any group covering training, announcements or webinars as well as press conferences and product launches. Facebook Live is a great show-and-tell tool. Recently a music store in Rivonia used Facebook Live to show off heir latest stock offerings. CNN has been using it for live broadcast to their Facebook followers.

How to use it:

  • Live Video in Face­book, like Periscope, will show the most pop­u­lar pub­lic videos cur­rently streaming plus streams from friends and peo­ple you fol­low. For now, you can go to https://www.facebook.com/livemap/ to see current pub­lic live broadcasts.
  • In Face­book’s iPhone and An­droid apps, the live-broad­cast but­ton―a sil­hou­ette with two rings―is a sta­tus-up­date op­tion. Be­fore you go live, it’s im­por­tant to choose whom you’re al­low­ing to tune in.
  • Face­book says it of­ten ed­u­cates users about pri­vacy set­tings, and by de­fault, users be­tween the age of 13 and 17 can share only with friends. They’ll need to go into set­tings to en­able post­ing to a pub­lic au­di­ence.
  • Once you’re on air, it can take a few min­utes for your au­di­ence to ar­rive. Wait for them: Their live com­ments and ques­tions will make the ex­pe­ri­ence dif­fer­ent from a reg­u­lar recorded video. Have a con­ver­sa­tion and an­swer viewer ques­tions.
  • On Face­book, those who don’t see the live broad­cast can watch later. Face­book is work­ing to in­clude ear­lier com­ments into the play­back, so it will be more ob­vi­ous that the video al­ready hap­pened. On Periscope, play­back ex­pires af­ter 24 hours. The com­pany is work­ing to give videos longer shelf lives.

We see Facebook Live being the primary live streaming app and taking over from the other similar apps.

Facebook Live Services 1

TV Interviews

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Press Conferences

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Product Launches

Utilising all channels including print, radio, television & digital media –  we will launch your product through the most cost-effective channels and ensure a measurable ROI.

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Content Creation

We are experts in creating online content to complement your brand message across all digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube and Twitter.


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