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Facebook can create leads and appointments for your sales team

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People no longer log in to Facebook to see what their friends are up to, they live on Facebook. This has given access to data to enables us to target specific audiences and create sales leads and appointments. Facebook mines data from all its platforms including WhatsApp and Instagram to create relevant audiences advertisers can market to.

Are you using the data from your social media activities and advertising to create leads and appointments that convert into sales? Building an audience on Facebook is a valuable asset which all businesses should use, large or small. We have seen how Facebook adverts can grow and drive sales for your company.

Our Unique Proposition

We have a unique process to generate leads and appointments with the use of ethical and non-obtrusive digital marketing. Our data-driven insights pull interested people into a sales lead-capturing funnel which plugs into a CRM sales management systems. Lead nurturing is a crucial part of the sales cycle. Some leads may take months to close, which deems it crucial to make sure every lead is properly nurtured through a professional process.

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Getting started is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

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Step 1

Arrange a meeting or Skype call with us at your convenience


Step 2

We develop your targeted audience using our unique methodology based on your sales requirements


Step 3

Approve the copy and imagery and we’re good to go!

About Us

We were founded in 1987 as a communications agency, which specialised in communicating the client’s message to their consumer. We have taken that expertise and adapted it to the digital industry including, social media, websites, email and CRM systems

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