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Social Media Users South Africa 2023

Social Media Users South Africa 2023 1

South African Population 2023 At the end of January 2023, the estimated population of South Africa was 60.14 million people. Digital adoption across South Africa has been on the rise, and social media has integrated with the lives of millions of South Africans. This article will delve deeper into the social media trends and user […]

Hootsuite Releases Social Trends For 2022

Hootsuite Releases Social Trends For 2022

Hootsuite has released its research covering social media trends for 2022. Whether you’re a creator, influencer, small business, start-up or a simple mom-and-pop operation, it is essential to closely watch social media trends and craft a business model to reap the benefits. This article covers the social media landscape and unearths some of the social […]

Master YouTube Advertising: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketers

youtube ads guidelines

Nearly 48 hours of videos are added every minute to YouTube. The platform has over 2 billion monthly active users, making it the hotspot for businesses of all sizes to advertise their brand, products, and services. However, the commercials need to adhere to YouTube Ads Guidelines before they can go live. If you’re looking to […]

The State of Digital Media

digital trends in 2019

In 2022, we’re in an era where we all agree that social media, SEO, Google Ads, live and fresh websites are essential to all businesses these days. It used to be consumer brands or FMCG brands that needed social media.  Now we hear ads that do the best on Facebook relate to lawyers, retirement homes […]

Are hashtags a waste of time?

are hashtags a waste of time

By Christopher Smith, account manager, Sha-Izwe Communications Simply put, no, hashtags are not a waste of time, but it depends on how you use them. Many people use irritating hashtags such as: #photooftheday, #followforfollow, #food, #love, #girl, #blue. These hashtags are pointless. Thousands of photos use these hashtags each day, meaning that your photo is absorbed […]

The Benefits to Using Remarketing as Part of your Marketing Strategy


Facebook provides a feature that will allow you to market to people who have visited your website. It is a simple code, known as a pixel, that is added by your web developer or staff member. They will require your website log-in details, which you should always have available and secure. Putting a pixel on […]

Facebook Rolls Out ‘Appointments’ and Integrates them into Lead Ads

facebook appointment setting

Facebook has announced the roll-out of an appointment setting feature aimed at creating sales leads. The appointment feature integrates directly to Facebook’s ‘Lead Advert’ product. This gives prospects the ability to automatically book an appointment within the Facebook app. This could be for a consultation, vehicle test drive, venue visit, or for the salesperson to […]

Facebook Announces Major Changes to ‘Pages’ Organic Reach

facebook's mark Zuckerberg

Is this the end of the Facebook News Feed for pages? Summary: Businesses will no longer be able to benefit from Facebook organic reach. To achieve similar results as previously achieved with organic reach, companies will need to spend from about R2000pm upwards on boosted posts and clicks-to-website. Facebook ‘Lead’ Adverts and ‘Remarketing’ costs are […]

PR Agencies can be the new SEO Agencies of the Digital Revolution

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Long gone are the days when companies would put Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultants on large retainers to increase both their website hits and Google presence. Google has made such drastic changes to their algorithms over the past few years that the recommendations that SEO consultants made to increase website visibility, now negatively affects website […]